Making history both relevant and interesting to read is a very challenging genre to work in for a writer, but Jane Harris Zsovan makes it look easy.  She writes on subjects that are fascinating for her and I was completely hooked as she shared details of both the Eugenics book and the history of the Galt family during our recent interview on CKXU.

Author Jane Harris Zsovan brings history to life

Her publisher provides a bit more detail here:

“Jane Harris Zsovan’s writing combines a fierce commitment to accuracy, thorough research, and a lively style to reveal the personalities and issues behind contemporary and historical Canada.  Her newest book, Eugenics and the Firewall (J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing, November 2010, Dist. University of Toronto Press) investigates the role of populism and religion in Alberta’s political culture. It  looks at how that culture contributed to the largest eugenic scandal in the British Empire.  She also authored Stars Appearing: The Galts’ Vision of Canada (Volumes,2006), which explores the unique place of Lethbidge Alberta, the  only city in Canada co-founded by a Father of Confederation, through the lives of John Galt, founder of Guelph Ontario; and his son and grandson, Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt and Elliot Torrance Galt.  Jane’s anthology contributions include “Jessie’s Generation: Canada’s Firebrands of Mercy and Justice” in Hot Apple Cider: Stories to Warm the Heart and Stir the Soul and “Wen-dizing the West” in Taking Care of Business( HB Fenn 1997)

Her  articles and columns on contemporary Canadian culture, history, social issues, faith, and business have been published in more than a dozen  magazines including  National Post, Alberta Views, Alberta Venture, Lethbridge Living, Western Standard, Award Magazine, Alberta Home, The Anglican Planet, and Faith Today and Christian Herald.  She`s also written commissioned histories for the Sir Alexander Galt Museum (The Public Spirited Life of Arthur George Baalim 1992) and the Lethbridge Community College Faculty Association (A Place Built By Special People 1995).”